Regulatory Compliance

Registration of substances is a prerequisite to trade in the EU and other markets such as the UK and Asia (Korea). The process of getting such a a license requires a deep understanding of regulatory procedures, current legislation and an authoritative scientific knowledge of each substance to be registered. This is where our expertise is invaluable to assist and support your organisation sail through what could sometimes be a very confusing, time consuming and expensive exercise if the correct protocols are not observed
With us, you are guaranteed a successful outcome which would enable you to trade especially in the EU under the EU REACH (Registration, Evaluation & Authorisation of Chemicals -(EC 1907/2006) ) regulatory system takes centre stage in our business.

Haven registered more than 100 different substances under EU REACH, we can proudly say our expertise, integrity and commitment to client services makes us your ideal partner towards achieving such compliance within the EU as well as outside the EU under other REACH-Like regulations such UK-REACH, Korean-REACH etc.