About us

Godinmartins Consulting Limited offers a unique set of value propositions to its clientele based on their needs. Our philosophy is based on a collaborative as

Choosing Godinmartins can be justified under four main header


Our team of consultants have a combine experience across of well over 100 years. We bring to you in depth local and industry specific knowledge from our work with world renowned institutions , blue chip companies as well as our extensive network of contacts within governments in Sub Saharan Africa.


We make sure that your assignment is handled to deliver the best outcome to whatever challenge your organisation is facing. We always try to align our work with corporate objectives to act as the basis for improving your bottom line.


Our team is made up of consultants with sterling academic and professional competencies and decades of industry experience to deliver the highest quality of work. We pride ourselves in selecting from people who have excelled in academia and industry who in most cases come from “Red Brick and Ivy League institutions”.
Our philiosphy is to treat each client as a unique individual and their concerns as a unique proposition . We therefore approach the assignment with a tailored solution to address the specific needs of the organisation knowing that one size does not fit all.