“Delivering targeted business solutions.”

Godinmartins Consulting is a United Kingdom based Consultancy with offices in the Gambia and Cameroon to cover its African operations. Starting out as a business and management consultancy, it has developed expertise in other areas giving it a far bigger portfolio of services it offers . Growth over the last decade has been matched by the recruitment of a more robust team of consultants to cover new areas as well as improve the quality of services.

Our focus on quality while maintaining a competitive cost structure has seen us establish ourselves as one of the leaders in Human Capital development, facilitation of businesses particularly to sub Saharan Africa as well as the default organisation for worldwide chemical regulatory compliance including be not limited to regulations such as, EU RAECH, EU CLP, UN GHS and more. In this, light we develop regulatory compliance reports such as, Environmental Impact Assessments and Safety Data Sheets (SDS)

To remain competitive in today’s global climate, a more radical and innovative approach to resolving all the challenges faced by your organisation is needed. Whether they stem from human capital deficiencies to keeping up to new regulations and or trying to expand your organisation or entering new markets, Godinmartins Consulting would comfortably partner with you to  resolving and addressing these challenges. Godinmartins has the capacity and experience to provide the necessary support your organisation might need to overcome any difficulties identified within our portfolio of services. Our team is made up of Highly Trained, Skilled and qualified consultants drawn from Academia, Business and Practitioners from Africa, United Kingdom and the rest of  Europe. This combination brings together local in-depth knowledge of the Business culture with current thinking to deliver the most up-to- date solution to your Businesses.